Designing Interactive Digital Landscaping Aspects of SEO-Friendly Website

Designing Interactive Digital Landscaping Aspects of SEO-Friendly Website

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In today’s digital world, the website has become the focal point of all. This particular spot results in converging all the effective information. Sometimes, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. get hung up on the various trivial aspects of the websites.

Understanding Required Format for Website Content

Many SEO agencies believe that search engines prefer to read the text of website content in webpage format. The digital experts believe that if the webpage contains pictures, videos in flash format and other non-textual format files then there is a high probability that web crawlers will likely ignore the text of the website.

It is the matter of concern for various website owners where they need to ensure their ranking based on Search Engine Optimization of the published content being displayed in HTML format. Thus, there are many formatting techniques that can help in enhancing the visual experience of the user that will be helpful in achieving the great value for the website.

  • Using Alternate Text for Inserted Images in Website – As per the SEO agency, it is a good practice of adding alt-text value to the images irrespective of their format. In general, search engines recognize the added alt-text value and thus helpful in indexing the images.
  • Adding closed captions for the media file – The web crawler like to crawl on the website content that contains media files like audio and video along with their transcribed information in the caption format.
  • Scoring with Website Hierarchy – It is crucial for your website that its navigation should be smooth and seamless and that depends entirely on how it has been organized.

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