What Are the Various Benefits of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches?

What Are the Various Benefits of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches?

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There are so many varieties of tools used which are meant for making our work easier and increase the efficiency too. One such tool that we all know about torque wrenches which are usually meant for tightening nuts and bolts to any specific torque level. However, manual torque wrenches have become outdated as it may take pretty long time to tighten. That is the reason nowadays, hydraulic torque wrenches are preferred the most. Most of the industries now prefer to use this tool for efficient tightening of their fasteners.

Following are few reasons why people prefer to use hydraulic torque tools over the manual one.

  • Suits more for heavy duty bolting applications

If you need any wrenching application for heavy-duty work, then hydraulic torque wrenches are the ideal choice as these wrenches generate torque force with the help of hydraulic force. Thus, you will need to make very little effort to tighten any kind of specified torque for heavy duty applications. There are lots of new developments taken place on these hydraulic torque wrenches and many new designs have been incorporated in order to increase its effectiveness for many other new heavy-duty applications.

  • Self-ratcheting and accurate

Since self-ratcheting facilities have been added to hydraulic torque wrenches, which can increase considerably the accuracy of the job. This is so designed that it is much more convenient to use it as compared to using any conventional or manual torque wrenches. This is much lighter in weight and also offers much more accuracy. Due to this feature, you can prevent any under or over torqueing. In many applications, such under or over torqueing may result in disastrous situation, that can be prevented by using this tool.

For many different applications, hydraulic torque wrenches are used for the following reasons:

  • Bolting time is considerably reduced
  • Joint integrity is much more improved
  • You can save plenty of time and money due to failure in pressure tests and too much reworking
  • For various other tasks your speed of work will increase

These hydraulic torque wrenches not only perform its basic function but also few other additional functions too.


Not only this tool is useful for industrial use but you can also use it for your home applications. These tools have been redesigned with much lighter weight and much smaller in size so that you can meet all your household needs too. There are few companies that offer this type of hydraulic wrench on rent and hence you need not buy such tool.

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