Charity Reliance on Contact Centre Support

Charity Reliance on Contact Centre Support

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For many charitable organisations there is a need for telephone support from a dedicated team of employees. There are two scenarios where this support could be needed, and we’ll go through them both here for you. In both cases a dedicated team of contact centre support can be useful in maintaining the brand standards of the charity in question, but more important they can help ensure an effective and streamlined process of all calls that keeps things moving along. This is invaluable when talking to charity workers in dangerous areas of the world, and also when talking to vulnerable people over the phone in the UK.

Depending on the type of charity work that is being undertaken, there could be the need for sensitive calls to be received from emergency workers in disaster zones and emergency situations. In these cases, having access to a team of highly trained contact centre workers will help to ensure that sensitive operations and projects remain effective, with phone lines remaining open, and any lost connections resumed as quickly as possible so as to not endanger the lives of those calling in the first place.

Being able to quickly identify an emergency situation, especially where a caller is unable to remain on the line due to safety reasons, is an important skill and knowledge set to hold. It is in these fast-paced emergency situations where the extra support of a highly trained team becomes invaluable. They can direct a caller to send an SMS text message, outlining the danger, any important details that emergency services will require, and his or her exact location. Being trained in the art of collecting and quickly collating information in an emergency situation is vital to the success of a support team for charitable organisations.

In other instances, a charity might have manned donation hotlines, or call lines where vulnerable people can phone in for guidance, immediate assistance, or just someone to talk to depending on the type of charity and the situation the person calling is facing. Having a highly trained team of inbound callers ensures that a charity will never miss a call from a vulnerable person, or not have enough people working to man the inbound telephone lines that are vital to take in donations that keep a charitable organisation afloat.

Research contact centre services that offer support for charities and you’ll find that the best of them provide a team of callers that for all intents and purposes are an extension of your organisation. They will be highly trained in the brand of the charity in question, understand in detail key concepts and specific processes they will be tasked with, as well as how to deal with, often vulnerable, callers in a compassionate way that speaks true to your charities brand. Choosing the right support team will go a long way to streamlining a charities process and ensuring that standards remain high on a consistent basis when dealing with both emergency situations and locations, and with inbound phone lines for donations and vulnerable callers.

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