What Makes Identity And Access Management So Important For A Business

What Makes Identity And Access Management So Important For A Business

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To provide users with safe access can be quite challenging. Identity as well as access management solutions provide enhanced security, time and cost savings. Users demand fast and easy access to information and systems and whether they are situated in the office on the road or at home.

This demand for safe access really poses an acute challenge to IT professionals. To overcome this challenge, identity and access management is really critical. It is a framework that offers an ability to an enterprise to manage electronic identity to access information and resources.

About Identity Management of Access

Identity and access management (IAM) is an information security discipline that permits users to access the right technology resources at the right point of time. It comprises of 3 major concepts identification, authorization and authentication. These processes ensure that specified users get the much needed access that they require to perform their jobs. Unauthorized users, on the other hand are restricted to access sensitive resources and information.

What is the need for identity access related management systems?

Modern day businesses exist beyond the conventional network perimeter. Though intrusion prevention systems like firewalls play a vital role in establishing network security, it cannot be fully relied for protection of sensitive information that lies outside the conventional network perimeter.

The dangers associated with mobile devices and cloud computing spread data across broader area and make it more challenging for an organization to safeguard access to organization’s information.

How do IAM works?

When any user tries to access a data or a system, then he first has to verify his identity, by entering a valid username in the system. This username is checked for authenticity via an authentication process that uses token and biometric based authentication.

Proving user’s identity is not enough to gain access, the system also has to ensure that users do only those actions that fall within their scope of authority.

Benefits of IAM solutions

Effective IAM solutions assist enterprises to facilitate safe, and efficient access to technological resources that are spread across diverse systems. The below advantages showcase the relevance of centralized identity and access related management to the present day’s enterprise.

  • Better data security
  • Lower security costs
  • Enhanced and effective access to resources


Identity access related management is the need of every organization. It is the business framework that consists of business technologies and policies that ensures authorized people in an enterprise to get access to technology resources.

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